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Have You Ever Met These Types

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Posted by John Holt on Mon, Mar 28, 2011 @ 10:11 AM

Hi, These days filled with rejection leaving you wondering why? In many cases it isn't you that is the problem. Have you ever met the man who is confused. He makes it his life to let you know he lives in confusion all day long 24/7. Why because you will become confused and totally frustrated. This is passive aggressive behavior at it's best, contrived to frustrate you and make you go away. He could come up with so many reasons why he did it to you and none of them make sense. He sends you an email telling you how he made a mistake 3 months ago and should see you. The next week he is gone again. He uses his job as an excuse, his life isn't right what is really going on here is he is confused over his real problem which is to make a commitment, he is a coward who is afraid to commit, why because this is what he is, even he doesn't like himself. How could you like him. Ladies I bet you met this guy before.

Ladies have you ever met the guy that had previous girlfriends who looked like hollywood actresses. They all looked like them. This after all is now the reason why they can't date you even though your nice. He never was introduced to anyone unless she looked like a hollywood actress. Thin, slender, glamorous. I mean you realize that are just millions of these woman available for every guy like this. Have you dressed up and looked great for this guy only to fail. It's not your fault only 2% of all woman on earth look like he wants them to.

Men have you ever met the sunday night woman? The sunday night woman is always available for first dates and the I'm not exactly into him dates between 6-10 pm on sunday night. Why because this is the least valuable time of the week so she can only waist it on you. Your hoping to graduate to thursdays soon so put on a floor show because she is hard to please.

Men have you ever met the I have problems woman? She has a list of problems miles long when you ask for the next date. Here is a list of them.

1 My mother is sick and I have to go to florida to take care of her.

2 I have Bi-Polar disorder and didn't want to tell you as she is telling you.

3 I am going back with my old boyfriend.

4 I have to work late everyday for the foreseeable future.

5 It's not you it's me, sorry!

6 I'm just not ready.

7 I had a great time call me, you then get voice mail hell.

8 Send me an e mail as she shuts the door in your face.

9 I have so many problems so dating is not right for at this time, you understand.

There are many more as she does the Texas Two step in front of you. Just understand that being with a liar is not worth it.

Ladies have ever met Mr. dutch treat? The biggest cheapskate on the planet. He never met a dollar he could spend. When the bill arrives he examines it with a magnifying glass then you owe him exactly $44.23 yes he even figured out the 23 cents. He never read a book about chivalry. He is fair he figures it out to the penny what you owe him. Usually in a cheap restaurant so the bill never is that large on his end either. He is the champ at being tight with the buck.

Here is one for both sexes, have any of you ever met Mr. or Ms. text message. These gutless wonders never talk to you they send text messages that are so crude and impersonal that you never know when you will see them because the text messages never really give you any indication. Maybe they even break up with you by text. What a wonderful tribute to you. Imagine the honor of being a text message buddy. I bet all of you dream of this.

Here is yet another one for both sexes. Have you ever met Mr. or Ms. lull in the conversation. It could correct itself as you stare at them to see if they can string a sentence together. However you soon find out that lulls in the conversation lead to more lulls. These are date killers for sure. Vocabulary is at a loss.

Ladies have you ever met average Joe? or solid Sam these guys treat you well. They never cheat, they have good jobs. They are reliable but you say BORING! attraction makes no logical sense does it? If your average Joe or solid Sam it isn't your fault after she ends up with bad boy Bill and gets beaten or her money is gambled away as he cheats on her and drinks she might finally think your ok.

Men have you ever met the woman who just never feels attraction? Not with anyone. No amount of favors you do, flowers you bring, 5 star restaurant dinners, kind gestures or just plain loyalty will ever do the trick. Guys this one is just stuck up you'll never win it isn't your fault.

Men did you ever met the I intimidate men woman? She has an advanced degree good job attractive with attitude. She uses the line, I intimidate men with all the list of her accomplishments. Men it isn't your fault, she uses this excuse because no one will ever be as good as her. So don't even try she belongs alone.

Both sexes here. Have you ever met Mr. or Ms. I go to the gym. These vain folks never met a mirror they didn't like. In the mirror is them. They are loving what they look like and you will never look good enough on your best day in life. Why because they go to the gym.

Folks there are so many more of these examples. I hope you were amused by the depictions, oh if you are one of these people find a way to change before you self destruct.

John Holt




You made my day,, The one with family excuses was priceless...Thanks for the laugh and really knowing ..It Is NOT ME..

Posted @ Monday, March 28, 2011 12:27 PM by Irene


Irene it is definately not you. Folks Irene is one of the best people I have had as a member of my dating service.

Posted @ Monday, March 28, 2011 2:22 PM by John Holt


good descriptions of what is out there--my big excuse was i have nothing to wear but my jeans but my daughter brought me a dress so i don't have that excuse anymore i just need to get out there and start treading the waters

Posted @ Monday, March 28, 2011 6:21 PM by maria rose


Maria when your ready I will be a friend in your corner supporting you every step of the way. 
John Holt

Posted @ Monday, March 28, 2011 6:28 PM by John Holt