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Welcome to Tri State Dating Service  Home of the Brand Realistic Matchmaking! 

The brand Realistic Matchmaking helps single people set expectations for success in dating.  Professional Matchmaker, John Holt adheres to a strict code of ethics.  This means no high pressure sales tactics or zero false promises made!  Just the plain truth about your dating situation.  

 Why choose Tri-State Dating Service?

  •  Reasonable prices
  • Value system and personality matching

  • Understanding who you attract and who is attracted to you

  • Matching for longevity

  • Fun social dinner parties
  • Coaching and dating advisory services  

      What to expect

Accurate information in all profiles presented to clients.  You will know the facts about who you will be matched with.  You will be able to control who you are matched with by your approval as the matchmaker guides you through the process.  

You can expect to provide feedback to the Matchmaker who will listen and provide advice.  

All matches and dinner parties will be arranged for you by the matchmaker.  

Face to face meetings are the only way to effectively get to know people.

Personalized service means that you will be interviewed in person by John Holt, professional matchmaker who has been assisting singles with dating and relationship building in CT RI MA and Eastern NY since 1992.

This is a common sense ethical process providing guidance, matchmaking, social activities, and great advice through the entire process.


Tri State Dating Services philosophy on successful dating

Have self awareness.

Have a good attitude about people.

Understand who you attract, why you attract them, and who you can succeed with in dating.

Free yourself from past relationship issues and make yourself available in a happy and presentable image.


 Please call 1-800-252-6210.  All of your questions will be answered. 

Or go to the contact page of this website and fill out a form.

 You may have access to Tri-State Dating Service 7 days a week from 8am-10pm.  All clients of Tri-State Dating Service are welcome to give feedback about their dating experiences to their Matchmaker.

Tri-State Dating Service has a vast network of resources.  The members of this service are in every section of the states listed.  However, you may be involved in national searches if you choose to do so. 

The choice is yours!  You may choose a Matchmaker who has been in business since 1992 with all the extensive experience that the professional Matchmaker has, or you can choose to do business with companies who have changed their name consistently and popped up overnight.

Matchmaking is a complex process.  Let me help you navigate through that process.  While in that process you will meet people who are safe.  This service is confidential.  This service will meet your personal needs.

 Relationship building is the cornerstone of the process.  It is all about attitude, attraction, acceptance, lifestyle, and value system.  A Matchmaker is a good friend to have by your side.

Tri-State Dating Service is the clear choice.  Call 1-800-252-6210.




"Let me introduce you to someone I know"

  Please call 800-252-6210 seven days a week from 8am-10pm.


Contact us at 800-252-6210 or email us for more information.

Tri-State Dating Service does not under any circumstances discriminate against people based on race, color, religion or sexual orientation.